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A Taste of Beer to Come

Tasting sessions are a great way to get customers and drinkers involved with the brewery, after all, who better to cast judgement on beer than the people who will be consuming it?

Last Thursday (11/07/19) the doors to the brewery were opened once again to welcome our esteemed guests for a blind tasting session. A similar event took place at the start of the year for the now popular Northern Pale.

This time though, it was the turn of five IPAs to be scrutinised. The winning recipe will soon join the core range as 'Northern IPA'. As with Northern Pale, prior to the tasting event each brew was released one at a time in pubs across the region, named simply 'IPA No. 1', 'IPA No. 2' and so on...

The make-shift bar built, five pumps ready to pull and five cups labelled A to E... it's time to taste! Each time a beer is pulled a token is placed in it's corresponding cup. The idea being if someone takes a liking to one of the beers, they'll keep going back to it. The tokens are counted at the end of the session and the pump with the most is the winning recipe.

2 hours and several beers later and we have our winner - IPA No. 2!

A (IPA No. 2) = 45 B (IPA No. 5) = 37 C (IPA No. 4) = 25 D (Black IPA No. 3) = 23 E (IPA No. 1) = 36

Keep an eye out for Northern IPA hitting North-East pubs very soon.

Hadrian Border Brewery has been producing beer at its best since 1994. With over 25 years of experience and knowledge in brewing, Hadrian Border now operates from its SALSA accredited 40 barrel plant in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and is known all over the North-East for its fine ales including – Tyneside Blonde, Farne Island, Grainger Ale and Ouseburn Porter. To learn more about Hadrian Border Brewery, visit

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