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30th Anniversary Can Specials: First Release!

2024 sees us celebrate our 30th year in brewing, having been established back in 1994. As well as hosting our very own beer festival right here at the brewery, we're releasing a series of two 330ml can and branded glass gift boxes. To kick things off, we have these deliciously rich imperial beers packing a high abv.

The sentiment behind the two is of us acknowledging after all these years that we're not the coolest brewery on the block, but we're happy that way...

🍺 Too Uncool For School is a cacao and coconut imperial stout. Full-bodied and rich, with flavours of dark chocolate and a tasty coconut finish. Abv. 10%

🍺 Too Old To Care is a caffe latte imperial porter brewed with locally roasted coffee from Pumphreys Coffee. Rich and full of coffee flavours and aroma, with a sweetness and light hint of vanilla. Abv. 10.2%

You can order yours here with free local delivery...

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