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Surfin' Hyem - Special

Bringing the US West Coast, to the UK North-East Coast. Grab your board and catch a few pints of this geet gnarly West Coast style pale ale brewed with the classic Chinook and Centennial hops to bring a resinous, pine, and citrus aroma. The addition of Mosaic hops brings a touch of tropical fruits and berries. Expect a light biscuit note in the mouth, finishing with a clean and sharp bitterness. Once you're done, catch a wave on the Tyne back hyem... 🤙

Pump clip for Rekindle Light Ale

What's a hyem? Good question, if you're not from Newcastle...

"Hyem", or "Yem" is the Geordie word for "Home", often heard in the sentence "I'm gannin hyem", meaning, "I'm going home".

For this beer we took the popular West Coast water sport of surfing, which in turn is becoming more and more popular on the North-East coast of England, and dropped it onto our much loved River Tyne. We reckon it makes for a pretty cool clip!

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