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Treasure of Vigo Bay - Special

A golden treasure of a beer with mango at the forefront in both aroma and palate,

with other fruity notes of tangerine and peach, finishing dry but not bitter. ABV 3.8%

Pump Clip for Treasure of Vigo Bay

On the 23rd of October 1702, the Spanish Treasure Fleet was returning from America, carrying a hefty amount of silver and other valuable merchandise. As they entered Vigo Bay in Northern Spain, supported by French allies, they were ambushed by an Anglo-Dutch fleet in an attempt to steal the treasures on board. An enormous naval battle took place resulting in a catastrophic defeat for both the Spanish and French, losing most of their fleet.

Though the Anglo-Dutch allies were successful in winning The Battle of Vigo Bay, they came away with very little as most of the cargo had already been unloaded, or was lost at sea with the sunken ships... It is widely believed that there is still treasure at the bottom of the bay to this day.

Our brewer Brais named this one. He's originally from Vigo in Galicia, Spain, where the battle took place. We're not sure why he wanted to remind people of the defeat, but it's made for a delicious and sessionable beer!

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