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Tyneside Blonde... XL!

That's right! We've taken our best-selling beer and have given it a boost, taking it from 3.9% abv up to 5.0%.

Tyneside Blonde has been considered our flagship ale for many years, first brewed over 15 years ago in February 2007, and was once found in almost every pub in Newcastle city centre. With our brand new Tyneside Blonde XL, you can expect much of the same flavour and aroma, but with an extra kick. With plans to also brew a lighter XS version in the near future, there'll be three different strength options for one great tasting beer!

Pump clip for Tyneside Blonde XL beer

Don't worry if the higher strength isn't for you, regular Tyneside Blonde isn't going anywhere and will always be available.

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